CoLab 2017: The Urban Living Room…


For three weeks we were given a project to work on with second years to create creative proposals for the Fitzalan square.

We had to consider on this project things such as:

  • How much of the space to use?
  • Transport through the square such as taxis, buses and pedestrians
  • Technology that people can interact with such as heat sensors
  • Looking into how people walk around the square and what routes they take

After presentations we used diggi maps and took on board things that were mentioned in the discussion as shown below:

Individual ideas:

We all created some designs and ideas over the first week and combined them together or picked out ideas we thought were better for the square. Once we had seen these all we put together a list of all our finalised ideas.

Finalised design ideas:

  • See saw seating/ interaction
  • Market kiosks in pentagon shapes with different materials cladding
  • A lot of natural materials such as:
    • Steel
    • Wood
    • Colour: Orange
    • Greenery
  • Grass area has different heights
  • Facades of buildings, have different colour cladding
  • Light arch frames that are minimal (3) to direct route and connect with lighting fairy lights
  • Spotlights on the floor or through the wooden raised floor cladding so it shines through
  • Seating unit, pentagon different level in front of the stage
  • Market stalls dotted around the area

Dividing design tasks up:

One of the members in our group called Teresa used the laser cutter machine to create the model, another member Alice did the final Sketch Up model, Evie did a both Sketch Up and drawing, Alex did Photoshop, Indesign and drawing and I did drawing.

Lighting for square


We used the Photography Studio to take photos of the shapes and then we went outside as well to take pictures in the location:

Outside photoshoot

Together as a group we decided on the photos to go on the poster and the overall exhibition display slideshow.

Draft poster:

Draft Poster

Advertising for the exhibition:

Exhibition info

Final poster exhibited:


I learned to work in a group that I do not know ever member of when we started but by the end of it we became really close friends. I learned a few new skills on Sketch Up as well.



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