Conibere Philips Lecture…

He worked at Wilkinson Eyre for ten years!

Constantly learning and trying new things

  • Been going for 18 months
    • Slowly growing
    • Employed someone last week
    • Small work
    • Branched out
    • Competition entries

Mary Rose:

He was there from 2005-2012

Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Last weeks were interior architects Perkins + Will

Land exhibition designers

Mary Rose was a ship wreck, Isle of White, 1952 (raised).

  • 19 thousand artefacts came from the wreck that the divers collected
  • Dry dock Portsmouth
  • Simple concept
  • Mirror image of the ship
  • Artefacts in virtually other half of the ship in useable places

Maritime architecture

Guided round to learn about the ship and story of exhibition

  • Connects between docks and exhibitions
    • More cramped below floor
    • Sloped floor on deck of ship
    • Makes you feel like you are on a ship either side of you

2012 was when it was open and when he left

Before and after tells you what the objects are

Different character (cafe/shop/entrance) was contemporary contrasted to the dark gallery

Heritage lottery funded it

  • Education aspect:
    • School rooms available


Dyson got in touch with him

  • Oxford Street was the first store in the UK
    • Making shops like Apple Store
    • Trial in Japan
    • Different office space from genetic

*1.2m between them in desk area*

Wall storage above computers

King College, London:

  • 500 rooms residence near Waterloo
  • Small student en suite rooms
  • Lots of storage solutions
  • Reduce cost but attractive appearance
  • Minimal furniture

COMPETITION- Viking Ship, Oslo:

  • Only two people doing it over a month-long period
  • Were not successful
  • Worked with many consultants and landscapers
  • 1930’s it was built so wanted an extension

BIM, Rebit?

Designed inside and outwards


I found it interesting hearing about a new developing company and how they have developed their practice. I enjoyed the part about Dyson and their office space about the display shop.

There website:



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