Trends in Hospitality Design Lecture…

Lecture by Tom Hupe, Director of Hospitality

Company: Perkins + Hill

He’s worked in all areas

Historical events:

Hotels used to keep people inside the hotel, business or pleasure, cookie cutter hotel design, predictable design

  • 1990
    • Model 1
      • Marriott for all developer, operator and brand
    • Model 2
      • Different developer
      • Starwood Capital
    • Model 3
      • Different operator now
      • Interstate
  • 2017
    • Model 4
      • Starwood for brand as well as developer

Used to do everything one brand but now everything have developed and changed

Market influencers/ disruptors:

  • The guest (different types of audiences)
  • Millennials
  • Share hotel experience on social media
  • Loads of Chinese travellers
  • Business: Leisure
    • Pre 2010 90:10
    • 2015 70:30
  • Air Bnb
    • Sell/ rent unique homes
    • Competition
  • Online Travel Agents (OTA)
    • Draw revenue from hotel companies
    • Reviews possibility
    • “Brand” or “Knowledge”
    • Impact hotels

Personal, experience, local feel, value and choice

Market trends 2017:

  • Consolidation
    • Marriott
    • Accor
      • Large variety: luxury or economy
  • Mobile booking platforms
    • Direct booking
  • Data/ technology
    • Enhance guest experience
    • Personal service and hospitality
  • Locality
    • Unique experiences
    • Local influences and narrative into design
    • At micro level with the location
  • Community
    • Travel not feel like tourist
    • Feel part of the community
    • Bring local community in
    • Urban living rooms
    • Live and work – open to the public
    • Rise in food and beverage – no lines private and public (open to public)
  • Choice
    • Guest changed
    • More than a good night sleep
    • Sell more like prices and sizes
    • Roam- Co-living, co-working experiences
    • Blurring lines between hotel, work and residential
  • Experiences
    • Hostels (Generator)
      • Bunk in bed with like-minded people
      • Build social connections
      • Major brands focused on experiences bring them to the space
  • Wellness
    • Always on society
    • Urban locations
    • Cornwall, Scarlett hotel
    • Biophilia design (greenery)
    • Retreat

Hotels need to be about people

Future of hotel design:

  • Spaces and places
    • No longer four walls, includes experiences
    • Continuation of consolidation
    • Utilise all space
  • Predictive/ curated design
    • Uses data, knows guests before they arrive
    • Unique products
    • Personal services/ hospitality
  • Flexible
  • Experimental/social
    • Social interaction
    • Apps to connect guests with other guests in place/area
  • Community focused
    • Local and guest experience
    • Accor- working with local retailers around their hotels services. Everyone benefits this!
  • Work rest scheme -proposal case study
    • Book by an app (know you before you arrive)

Existing hotels:

  • Closed areas for each area
  • Each room has a certain purpose

Back to sleep:

Case study

  • Will the main focus disappear?
  • So can you get your full hours of sleep due to new technology
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Industry hugely on sleep
    • Pills
    • Depression etc
  • Unfamiliar surroundings mean your sleep pattern is effected
  • Paint noise
  • Neurosensory
  • Smart technology to help you sleep
  • Lighting to subtly wake you up
  • Personal experience
  • Selling the idea of sleep
  • Sleep management
    • Control dreams


The lecturer gave us a lot of information which was good as it helped me understand the trade of hospitality better. I found it interesting learning about past, present and future design and how odd technology could be in the future when at a hotel such as controlling your dreams which you know that are having.



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