Poster Briefing…


300/500 words at A3 size on Board

Presenting on Friday 17th March 2-4pm

  • Research human centred design:
    • Ethnography
    • Human factors/ ergonomics
    • Psychology
    • Empathy

Talk about one of the above to narrow work done

*People at the heart of the design process*

Black architecture

  • Co-working
    • Observations (casual observation)
    • How do people interact with their environment?
    • Photography
      • Behaviour
      • Practical


  • Must reference four sources such as:
    • Book (1)
    • Academic journals (2)
    • Online-reliable (1)

Include short summary of the findings

Imagery, text and graphics, layouts

Poster must include: 

Name, title, introduction/overview

  • Summary of key findings
    • Issues
    • Responses
    • Challenges
    • Understanding

Prepare five questions and answers to be asked and to ask at the presentation.

Conclusion including some reflecting on what you might take forward in designing.


One of the books we were suggested to look at:

Suggested book







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