London trip…

We had a three day trip to London to have a look around different interiors and co-working spaces.

Day 1:

As a group  we went to the Roca Bathroom Showroom as we had a tour/talk scheduled for the showroom:

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I liked the idea behind the design of water in it’s many forms throughout the room from the ceiling designs to the curves of the structure. Zaha Hadid designed this flexible space for Roca.

Before going to the Roca Showroom I went to the British Museum:






Ceiling design

I liked the detailing of the ceiling and the large expanse of glass in the courtyard of the interior.

Day 2:

We left the hotel early and set of to the Design Museum:

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I have never seen a stair and seated area together before only online so it was great to see one in person and sit on it. I liked aspects of the design section on the top floor but felt like it needed to be more spread out then all on one floor. I found a section on shipping containers which relates to my project.

We went to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery and restaurant next to it:

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I liked the shape of the exterior of the restaurant and from what I can see inside I liked the beams that kept the structure up.

The Science Museum was down the road from the Serpentine Gallery so I went there next:

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I found the bottom floor fascinating seeing space objects however when I went to the Winton Gallery, mathematics and saw Zaha Hadid’s work I was amazed. The colour used made you feel warm and happy and the curves of the structure represented airflow around the Handley Page aircraft suspended in the centre.

On the way back to the hotel we went to the Material Lab as it was only 20 minutes walk from the hotel:

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I liked so many materials in the building so I took pictures of many of the names of the companies to have a look for free samples. I found out that I actually had a material from the colour of the year board.

Day 3:

For today I decided to go to all the places that relate to ID People project by seeing all the shipping container projects in London. First we went to Container City 1 & 2:

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I like how they have not changed the exterior and kept true to the shipping container. I love that the rows of containers next to each other have been used for music studios so they must have acoustic panelling in them. The circulation around the big ones have bridges between them or wooden panelling.

After that we went to Boxpark to see all the retail shops in those shipping containers:

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A lot of wood was used to compliment the black coloured shipping containers. They had a lot of graphics on the walls of each container or above the door on the bottom level ones with hashtags to engage the viewers. I loved the fairy lights around the exterior of the containers and slightly bigger ones in the eating area. Each container had different ceiling lighting that worked in each one. Each detail was well thought out from the artwork between the covered sections to the furniture. The circulation around the space was very spacious surprisingly when you consider how slim containers are except in the shops it was a little more cramped.

On a separate trip I went to the Dover Street Market:

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I love the combination of the gold material next to the sharp edged one, how the red plastic material stands out against the clothes and the black doll and caged boxes went with the dark clothing range. Most of it was hung on rails and folded on shelves but the displays were interesting and unique. I didn’t see much graphics around the shop except for the exterior signage which was a very simple font. They upcycled children’s playground equipment into retail railing.


I noticed that a lot of the interiors we visited were influenced by Zaha Hadid and I loved them all differently. My favourite design was the Design Museum. I found the shipping container places really interesting and gave me ideas of how I could approach this new project.




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