Sally Billau Lecture…

Design career:

  • She did her placement in Milan, Italy
    • Industrial
  • Studio Marco Piva is the international design agency
  • La frulleria, Lake como
    • She was involved in the design
    • Early 90’s
  • Bathroom Showroom, Milan
    • In an Italian magazine
  • Next 21, Osara
    • Future scaping
    • Dinks, (double income no kids), Japan
    • Footprint of apartment 91/92
    • Movement in the space and its use
  • She graduated in 1993
  • Freelance designer for a year after graduation

Clients that she has worked for:

  • Nottingham Castle
  • The Leadmill
  • Marsh: Grochowski Architects, Nottingham
  • Various architectural practices in and around Sheffield

Concept work:

  • Front end work
  • Worked for HLM and joined their practice in 1994
    • Part of team, pure interior design projects, promote and marketing jobs
  • Knight Frank Foyer, Sheffield (still exists)
  • Wakefield Girls Grammar School
    • Set in an old Victorian villa (school) in a site

Preforated ceiling

Private clients:

  • Marketing Agency, Sheffield
    • Outside the day job
    • Transforming a space, concept work
  • MOD
    • She has done a lot of work for them
    • A lot of contact with clients
    • Connects, plans, master plan, results

Only interior designer to start of with!


  • City Council
    • Flexible spaces/ zoning

Lots of plans, elevations, schedules were used to convey a space which is important to show how space works!

Types of interiors she has worked in:

  • Domestic rooms
    • Understanding clients requirements
    • More personal
    • Small scale
  • Educational spaces
    • University
  • Health care
    • Bethlem Hospital Ward
    • Budgets, tone of environment
    • Small scale
    • Large scale area of entrance
      • Glass wall looking over courtyard, timber, polished concrete
    • Signage, template of traditional spaces


I found it interesting finding out the past career of one of my tutors career in this industry. After doing placement she decided to go freelance for a year which sounds like a route I would like to consider going down. She did a variety of spaces which gave her lots of experience.



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