Vectorworks and Lecture ‘Interiorist’…


Vectorworks and start of lecture notes


Lecture notes

We had our last lesson of Vector works and learned about 3D making on the software. The table below was basically rectangles that have been extruded upwards to make them 3D:


Table in vector

By adding a circle near the edge you want we extruded the handrail:


Swirled slope with handrail

To create a section I went to view, create viewpoint and once I got it on my page I crop the parts I don’t want with a rectangle around the stuff you want and crop it.


Section in vector


I didn’t learn a lot in lesson as we had to all stay together but I did learn how to do some 3D making on the Vectorworks. After the session I tried to recreate my design in Vectorworks by trial and error for most of the furniture and equipment. The lecture we had tonight about another of my tutors design career he has had made me realise that you can design for a lot of different places if you want. I liked learning a bit about Dubai’s history compared to what it is like now.



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