Last Vectorwork Session Of The Semester…


  • 3D Modelling
    • 50 x 50 small squares
    • Mirror tool
  • Model, extrude for 3D modelling
  • Flyover tool
    • Top/Plan will take you back to 2D
  • Modify, move, move 3D model around
Table in vector
  • Filet edge tool
    • No bigger than thickness of tabletop
    • Constant radius
    • Hold shift on all sides
  • Deform tool
    • Click on object
    • Lock the top section
    • Get the circle in the centre of the box, line to one edge then go round
  • Extract, curve mode
    • Click on a curve
  • Model
    • Extrude along path
    • By adding a circle near the edge you want we extrude the handrail:
Swirled slope with handrail
  • Layers, sheet layers, new
    • Sheet number: 100
    • DPI: 360
    • File, page set up, printer setting to change page settings
  • View, create viewport
    • Edit crop option by right clicking viewport
      • Draw a rectangle around the area you want to keep
    • Edit annotation option by right clicking viewport
      • Add text to annotate viewport
      • Add constrain lines to show measurements of plans
  • View, clip cube
  • To create a section I went to view, create viewpoint:


I did not learn a lot in this lesson as the group had to do it all at the same time so we had to keep stopping. I did learn to do some 3D modelling. After the session I tried to recreate my design by trial and error for most of the furniture and equipment.





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