Vectorworks #2…

Still learning techniques:

We carried on with the Vectorworks file we had from the previous lesson and added wall heights, windows and doors to the 3D model.

Tool Set:

  • On this tool set we clicked on the house,
  • Wall tool:
    • Tabs on the left of bar, third one along
    • Went onto wall preferences:
      • Changed overall thickness to 300mm
  • Went around all the walls and snapped them together
  • Object info, changed wall height to 5000
  • Dims/Notes (pencil and ruler):
    • Constrained tool
    • To measure window click either side of the window and drag the box up to get the measurements as shown below:
Measuring windows

Isometric view:

The photo below is a right isometric view of the plan with walls and windows added:

Isometric 3D Building

Adding windows:

On the tool set go to the windows one, then go to preferences add the measurements that you have worked out for the window. The first click positions the window and the second click makes it flat or rotates it.

Press shift and use the arrows to move the window into the right position as shown below:

Windows added

Adding Doors:

On the tool set to get a door I choose the door tool then went to preferences after I measured the door length.

Once I clicked on preferences I went to configuration and chose double leaf to show both doors as shown below:

Doors added

Side elevation:

We had to work out the dimensions of the elevation by measuring the height with the constrained tool and dividing that by the measurement on the diagram.

Once you get that go to ‘Modify’ then ‘scale object’ and add the measurement total you have just worked out to get the height of the elevation as shown below:

Side elevation


We were asked to measure all the windows on the bottom floor for next lesson


I have learned how to add windows and doors onto a model on the Vectorworks which was useful to know for future use.








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