Rachel Vallance Lecture…

Installation Design:

Our lecturer talked about her MA project when she was at University

She looked at social responsibility

Design process:

She started of by doing a summary diagram.

Decided on strategies to change behaviour for installation design such as material waste and paper waste.

Installation and exhibition space were topics she was interested in


  • Psychology that she summarised with a diagram
  • Emotion, behaviour and space were subjects she researched
  • Looked at architects who do that such as Peter Zumthor
  • What came from her research was:
    • Sound
    • Journey
    • Scale
    • Lighting effect (massive)
  • Daniel Liebeskind was her favourite architect


  • Empathy and design concept
    • Cognitive
    • Emotional
    • Compassionate
  • Considering this idea into paper waste
    • Looked at paper and explored ways to transform them
    • Paper chains as quick techniques
  • Circular economy
    • Reuse materials

Different research techniques:

Interview people for primary research

Visits with primary photos

Photos of process for concept generation


She looked into Dendrochronology which is trees an how old they are

Decided on an exhibition space

How people interact to the space

Final development and design process:

Plan view that state where you are looking at on the perspective drawings.

Created an onvert so you create your own QR box

If you interact with something you will remember it, which she used in her design

Contributing to the installation by making your own paper chain.


From this lecture I saw that even a simple topic about paper can actually be more indepth once you start researching into subjects that interest you. I really liked the visuals of her project and the thought process to get there.



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