‘For Inspiration Only #3’ Lecture…

Christopher Green:

  • Data Harvest Tower
  • Design office building
  • Growing bugs
  • Each bug has a microchip

Soon- min Hong:

  • Risk assessment theme park
  • Conceptual

Haiwei Xie:

  • ‘Bric House’, Chelsea
  • Near garden show
  • Tackling housing problem in London

Amanda Callaghan:

  • Hot- el
  • Design office building
  • Tropical tower
  • Alternative venue instead of travelling

de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects (dRMM):

  • Sliding house

UN Studio:

  • Dutch architectural practice
  • The holiday home
  • Conceptual design

Rem Koolhaas:

  • Dutch architect
  • The Maison à Bordeaux
  • Designed for a disabled person
  • Client a writer and collects art
  • Play on architecture

A house for Essex (FAT):

  •  Inspirational from images and copy and paste concept
  • Commission by Alain de Botton’s living Architectural Company

Löyly Helsinki:

  • Sauna in Finland
  • Avanto Architects
  • Democratic space the sauna is
  • Free open nudity area/place
  • Open minded

Floating School, Lagos, Nigeria, 2012 by Kunlé Adeyemi

Aldo Rossi:

  • Teatro del mondo, Venice, 1979-80
  • Theatre
  • Floating structure

Terunobu Fujimori:

  • Japanese Architect
  • Tea houses
  • Uses mud for building

Mobile architecture studio in Norway

LOT -EK Architecture & Design: 

  • Architectural design studio based in New York and Naples, Italy
  • Sink wall
  • Used by products
  • Containers to create architecture
  • Theatre box for one person

Atelier Van Lieshout:

  • Uses different materials from looking at the website

Wang Shu:

  • Chinese architect
  • Won pritzker prize in 2012
  • Ningbo history museum, China, 2003-08
  • Used recycled rubble

Studio Mumbai:

  • Works with local craftsman
  • Drew after producing work
  • Local labor
  • Made at 1:100 scale
  • Palmyra House
    • Material one side and craftsman on site
    • Minimal equipment (handmade)
  • Tara House
    • Like a living body


I enjoyed the concept behind many of the architects featured in today’s lecture such as Wang Shu as he used recycled materials in his work. I had a look at the work of Atelier Van Lieshout’s website and found his works unusual and different and they did not really appeal to me.



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