InDesign #2…

Still learning techniques:

We recapped a lot of the things we did last lesson just so it was fresh in our minds for today’s session.

Adding two master pages:

I learned to add another master page to the pages tab by right clicking on the top half of that section. Then you click ‘New Master..’ which is then named B-Master, by having this you can have grids on most of the pages except for as a few such as the title page etc.

How to add another master page

To set pages to either of the master pages, I right clicked onto a page and chose the option ‘Apply Master to Pages’.

On the drop down, click whichever master you want on that page and what pages as shown below:

Applying Master to pages

Picture options:

The option to have a picture in between the text like a newspaper layout is available by going to Windows-Text Wrap and a box will come up on your screen. Underneath the title of that there will be a series of boxes with lines on them and they are the ones you click to where you want your picture positioned.

You can adjust the area around the box so the text is not so close near it as shown below:

Add page numbers:

Finally we learned how to create page numbers on our pages of the document we are producing.

A text box needs to be created which can include double digits within it then, highlight the number and go as the picture below instructions:

Step by Step process

Then you simply copy and paste the number to the next page so you have it on both sides of the page. You can either do this by Alt and dragging it along the page or command C and command V.


By having this final lesson I feel more confident using the software now and would be able to use it for my Research Portfolio.




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