Development, Designing and Circulation Movement…

Slide show presentation:

  • Consider technology, wall and light sample, signage and graphics
  • Soft, relaxing seating suggests long stay
  • Use existing model
  • Inspirational images – equal amount of images to sketches
  • Project plan upwards with a section with annotation
  • Circulation:
    • Approach of buildings exterior
    • Lighting and signage
    • Show routes around the space
    • Colours
      • Time period
      • Age range
    • Refer to Metric Handbook
  • Movement
    • Anthropometric data
      • Consider heights and surfaces

Development work:

Yoga mat layout
Pros and cons on design
1:50 developed plan


By going through my research and realising before I did my big 1:50 plan to look at layouts for my yoga section, I felt more confident in my project. I’ve started with one plan idea which I’m going to develop.



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