Vectorworks Introduction…


  • Class:
    • Multiply information
    • Hide them
    • Controlling information

Bar along the top shows your current views and shows different views so you can see it 2D or 3D.

Set up mm’s, square meters and cubic meters.

On the object info, there are three circles in a row and when you move them is extends where the point is

Short cuts:

  • Ctrl and z is the undo button
  • Ctrl and l is to rotate the plan

We imported our plan of 32 Cambridge Street onto Vectorworks by going to File-Import-Import Image File.

Importing file

We started to go around the plan with the line tool and connected them altogether which I then used the offset tool to get lines going around the interior walls as well. Pressing space bar and dragging helped get around the plans easier. They crossed over at the edges which I got rid of with the connect/combine tool.

Offset tool in use

File, import, import image file to upload work onto Vectorworks

Modify, scale objects then fit to objects to get the right scale for your plans

View, layer options, show/ snap layers for when you are drawing

  • Connect/ combine tool
    • Diagonal line to each one to get rid of cross hatching

Modify, compose

Modify, clip surface

Before the session finished we went to Model-Extrude and then went to the current view tool to see my lines 3D.

Extruded model


I learned the basics today in Vectorworks which I enjoyed however we did not get much done in the lesson due to just learning the software and trying to all stay on the same task together.



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