InDesign Introduction…



  • Leading: space in-between the lines
  • Kerning: space in-between individual letters
  • Tracking: select all text and reduce all the space
  • Baseline: characters all in line
  • Orphan: one word on its own on a line DON’T WANT THIS! Reduce tracking
  • Widow: when characters move onto the next column
  • Point size:
    • Headings- big size, 35 point
    • Sub headings- 6-7 point
    • Body text- 8-11 point
    • Caption- 12 point

Test print copies before library print on normal printers.

Diagram at the bottom of the page, shows what each section is called and what it looks like on the page.

Lecture notes

Margins: 13mm- 14mm


  • Cmd and T to get character box up for text
  • W shows the photo and text without guide lines

A red box with a plus in the middle at the bottom of a text box means too much text in a box. Click on the red plus which lets you flow the text into a new box.

Save photos as well as InDesign file as it is not like Photoshop and does not save the image files. You have to create a folder with the file to keep the images together. Place images from photo folder then drag them in.

Photos into InDesign:

  • Drag photos straight in and click enter
  • Shift and hold will crop an image
  • Shift and command and drag will scale an image

Draw a shape, drag photo into shape, resize by double clicking.


  • A- Master, looks like a long rectangle divided into two which is blue when highlighted
  • Double click to get onto it
  • Shift to click both master pages
  • Ctrl and click

Screenshot of process:

Step 1

We opened an A5 landscape sized file and added 12 pages to start of with as shown above. This is how your page should look like, I clicked on pages which is circled on the photo so that I could see what I am doing.

Next I wanted to add a grid to the page so I went to ‘Layout’ then ‘Margins and Columns’ and Step 3 (second picture) options came up. I changed the top,bottom and outside margins for 13 mm and the inside margin to 20 mm. After that you just decide how many columns you want on the page and you have done that part.

Step 4

We had a go at adding text to the document in a newspaper style format. To get the character box up on a mac click ‘cmd’ and ‘t’ which makes it easier to edit the text then keep going up to the top of the page to do that. The three boxes at the bottom were all draw separately then I added loads of text to the first one. By clicking on the red square with a plus in it, I was able to drag the excess text into the next box and the next so the text flows on the document.

Step 5

We were given another way to get the text to flow between the boxes by doing one large box that was spread along all the columns. Then deselect and select with the mouse, on the circled part of the picture you can decide how many columns you want.

Step 6

On the bar along the side look for this shape to create shapes on your document.

Step 7

Next we were shown two ways to add photos to our document. But first thing you need to know about InDesign is that you need to have your saved documents and file together or else you loose your photos so keep them together on a memory stick.

The first method is to drag your photos from your memory stick to the document. To crop the photos press and click shift to cut off sections, if you want to move a picture click shift and command and drag the picture to scale.

The second method is to draw a shape onto the document and drag the photo into that shape. To then resize the image just double click and do the same technique as before.

Step 8

To get the whole text box coloured just click on the box then go on swatches but if you just want the text coloured then highlight the text and go on swatches for colour.


I have learnt some key knowledge that I will need for when I produce my Research Portfolio as we need to use this software to produce our final outcome.






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