Ongoing Design Strategies…


I received feedback on my concept board with some suggestions to improve my work for next time but I’m happy that they liked it.

After we received the list of things we have to do for this project I gave a few of them a go, however I was struggling a little bit. So I had a help session with the tutor to help generate some ideas on going forward with my project. This session really helped me and gave me more confidence that I was on track with the project so far.

Slideshow presentation:

A few things I made notes on from the short slideshow were:

  • Draw freehand drawings of what my space may look like
  • Collages? Overlay pictures of chosen materials and drawing perspective on top
  • Sketch up? Build up space with grid plan layout design


By having some feedback and suggested ideas it has helped me feel a bit more confident in my project and realise I was not doing things wrong.






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