Initial Design Strategies…

How to start when designing:

Can everyone have the same experience:

  • Elderly
  • Young
  • Disabled

Design methods for starting to design:

  1. Schedule of accommodation
  2. Adjacency diagrams
  3. Grids/ Geometry
  4. Sketchmodels
  5. Applying
  6. Anthropometric data
  7. Ergonomic data

Schedule of accommodation:

  • What will happen in your space
  • What it requires
  • Think about what furnitures in the area
  • Then widen areas

Adjacency diagram:

  • Describe how much space each object is going to take up (full A3 page)
  • Size is suggestion of space
  • Even sizes, roughly some amount of space
  • Suggestion of space and order of room
  • Suggest circulation and routes
  • Layout/ overlay on plan drawing

Grids/ Geometry:

  • System to think about where to place objects
  • Adding walls and sections/ dividing the room up
  • Layouts
  • Floor finish, ceiling, furniture


  • Random model ideas
  • Drop some model into space or do a large one
  • Sketch visuals

Applying research:

  • Why stuck that image down?
  • Draw next to it
  • Where could you put in my space

Anthropometric data:

  • Height of furniture
  • Ensure it is correct height

Ergonomic data:

  • How our hands grip or does movements
  • Handrail
  • Comfortable not rough

Take different routes to building. Look at sun calculator.

Over a map of the area overlay routes.

Drawing exercise:

We did this exercise to do quick drawings in the boxes with a set of tables and chairs first to think of as many layouts as possible. Then we did lines to represent exhibition spaces to help us think of many designs ideas in a small amount of time.

Here are my drawings:

Drawing exercise


From this lesson I learnt about how a designer goes through this process to get to a final outcome. It was interesting to learnt the techniques which I had a go once the lesson was over.






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