Developing ideas and model making…

Group discussion:

At the start of the lesson we discussed our hybrid ideas in small groups of four people for 40 minutes and got feedback on all the ideas.

Here is my feedback:

  • Vegan cafe and yoga classes
    • Movable furniture?
    • Sustainable sessions
    • Calm environment
    • Materials used
    • Consider Vegan materials
    • Recycled
    • Lava lamps, relaxing atmosphere
    • Night cafe?
    • Bean bags, hanging chairs
  • Dessert parlour and learning classes
    • Could get a treat once they get something right
  • Butchers and community service/ bullying support
    • Learn a new skill
    • Get anger out on the meat
    • Safety concerns
    • Stealing
    • Learn to use the equipment
  • Noodle outlet and bereavement counselling
    • Talk while they eat
    • Have posters around the room with positive quotes
  • Animal food and summer school
    • Teach kids to look after their animals properly by having the right food
    • Hygiene?
    • Safety?
    • Age range?
    • Odd choice

Model making:

After that we started our sketch models on 32 Cambridge Street. We were given a floor plan, front elevation and side elevation and some cardboard to make our model.

I found it difficult to work out how to put together the slanted model but slowly got there as shown below in the slide show:


I learnt more about thinking through my measurements and how to assemble my model together.



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