Design Portfolio briefing…

I wrote down some notes during the briefing session as shown below:



Then we had to create either a mindmap or lists of things related to the words ‘Food’ and ‘Service’, here is mine:


Mind map

Then I had to choose 4/5 hybrid ideas by combining two of each together:dsc_0507

If you can not see the ideas very well on the picture I’ll bullet point them below

  1. Vegan cafe and yoga classes
  2. Dessert Palour and Learning classes
  3. Butchers and community service or bullying support
  4. Noodle outlet and bereavement
  5. Animal food and summer school


By making a mind map it gave me opportunity to get all my ideas down and try and think of more subjects to do with what was in the centre of maps. Also examples on the board gave me ideas that I could use as well.




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