Two Point Perspective Week…

Monday 12th December:

I learned how to use Sketch Up which was a new software I had never used before.

Here are a few screenshots of things I learned on there such as making 3D buildings and adding furniture into a space:

Furniture added to interior
3D buildings I made


In the theory lesson we discussed what we thought of the building in small groups and with the whole group.

My notes

*Lecture cancelled again*

Tuesday 13th December:

First we did a freehand exercise by diving the page, we did some cross hatching in small boxes at the bottom gradually adding more lines each time. Then we did ten random dots which we then had to connect all the lines from each dot.

On the second half of the page we had to freehand draw lines at equal distance then do the same below but gradually smaller distance:

Drawing exercise

Then we did a two point perspective as a group and added depth to the furniture we included to it:

Two point perspective

We were given a help sheet where we had to draw two point perspectives of the floor plans and here are my attempts:

Help sheet

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thursday 15th December:

I made two view finders from paper one had to be square and the other had to be a rectangle.

Then I walked around the Post Office and had to find four interior perspectives through both my view finders:

Once I’d completed the compositions, I chose my strongest view and drew it A3 in detail:

Detailed Perspective

Christmas self directed work:

I completed my chosen perspective by adding more detail and tone/shading to the drawing

Finished perspective


By going over two point perspective this week it has made me more confident in drawing in perspective now. Also I learned a new technique on Sketch Up which I can use throughout the course.




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