One Point Perspective Week…

Monday 5th December:

In the morning session we did Photoshop on the macs which for me was more of a recap session on how to use Photoshop. However I learned a few new techniques such as learning to add lighting to a plain wall.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 10.58.19.png


Later on we had a theory session which was our introduction into our new project ID Place. We were asked to look at a building on 32 Cambridge Street and here are a few photos I took of the location:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also did some drawings of interesting sections of the building:


My drawings

*Lecture was cancelled*

Tuesday 6th December:

We started one point perspective drawings by doing simple 3D boxes in perspective.


Perspective boxes

After that we did two different views of a one point perspective which we populated with furniture and people.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I did one with circles on each wall as well:


Circle perspective drawing

For self directed work that session we were asked to add colour and tone to one of the perspective drawings and here is mine done on tracing paper:


Tracing paper on it’s own


Tracing paper overlaid original drawing

Thursday 8th December:

In todays session I did an observational one point perspective of the Owen building, where I had to sit and draw. I chose my spot and started to add lines and anything I needed before I finished it off back at the flat.


Original photo


Draft notes


Finished perpective



Detailed version


I improved my one point perspective drawing during this week by having more practice doing them freehand. I needed this week to have more practice on the skill which I struggled to achieve before.




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