Design Lab Week…

Monday 28th November:

We did in this first session is do some site surveying in the Hallam Square in groups of 3/4. We took pictures of the site as well as working out the measurements and where things like trees and structures were.


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And here is my map with my annotations on it:

Hallam Square map

Then we had to do 20 key words and express them in 4 marks or less in the boxes if possible then develop 10 by embellishing them where you can add more marks to this time:

20 images
10 images


In the evening we had a Live Skype Lecture with Katrin Terstegen and it was called ‘Loose Fit.’

“The surface can be easily altered”

  • Corner conditions
    • Gap in the corner, two plans that are folded planes with joining bridges
    • Sharp, origami corner
  • Modernism, interior and exterior
    • Applies to buildings in it’s entirety

Difference of the exterior of a building and the interior can be very different and appeal to different subjects.

Empty centre of a museum by a student

“A good building is like a good friend”

Erwin Heerich Architect

Tuesday 29th November:

We had to go over the Hallam Square drawing with out layout paper and then render the drawing and add things to the image such as trees and shadows:

Plan of Hallam Square

Then from that drawing we started to do a section of the Hallam Square:

Section of Hallam Square

At the end of the lesson we were asked to think of the key words from the previous day and create a design in the Hallam Square from it:

Hallam Square

Wednesday 30th November:


We had an hour lecture which was introducing us to Structural Engineering ready for our Friday session:

Lecture notes
Lecture notes

Friday 2nd December:

For our 45 minute session this morning we did a bridge building workshop in the SIA workshops. In groups of two we did either side of the bridge by bolting and connecting parts together to complete the bridge.


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