Putting Together Our Workshop Model…

Putting together model in the workshop:

Everyone in the group brought all there work that we have made in the workshop to the lesson to construct a model using some of the pieces.

First we decided to pop rivet a plastic pieces and aluminium piece together:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we decided to stick all the time consuming pieces together such as the wood together in the vice for 20 minutes:

Wood in the vice

Then we cut part of the vacuum form and stuck that in one of the drilled holes in a wood piece.

We stuck this onto the wood with two part resin and used masking tape to keep it down when drying:

Once that was dry and the other wood piece that was in the vice was dry we added the blue circle wood piece to the wood joint and put that in the vice to dry:

Wood in vice

Photo of the progress so far:

Wood connected to wood


On the next piece we did both a pop rivet and bolt to secure the plastic and aluminium pieces together:

Then we started connecting the parts to the main base. We screwed the aluminium to the wood connector base:

Once we added this we put it up right but it kept slanting when we took photos so we needed to add the last bit but here is a progress photo:

Two parts attached out of three

Then we used a scribe and hammer to make a mark on the aluminium to know where to drill the holes for the bolts:13.jpg

Once we got it all put together we took photos of it from different angles to imagine it as a space:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We used all the materials from the workshop lessons to create this new model and fixed them together. I learned how to put different materials together and how the fix together by doing this it can help in the long run when we want to produce models in the workshop.





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