Site Surveying…


Lesson notes

I did the diagrams bigger on the second page so I could read them better for when I do my self directed work.


Lesson notes

After we were shown how to site survey a space we had to choose a staircase in the studio and do measuring in groups. My group went to the bottom of the stairs and did the very bottom set of stairs. Here is a picture of the stairs we did:


Original photo of the stairs

I made a note of the stairs in my sketchbook and here is an image of the stairs which we have to draw as a plan and elevation:


Measurements of stairs


This is an important skill in the trade as by knowing how to do site surveys you can draw  any space to show to your client or manufactures who will be getting the materials for the space you are using. So if you are wrong by a large margin you could risk getting less materials when you need more which could cost your client.




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