Freehand Technical Drawings…

Doing plans freehand:

We did a plan view as shown at the top left hand corner of the page which we then did three isometric plans off. We did a section of these plans together and then tried to do the same box in perspective. I struggled with the perspective on and had to be shown how to do it one to one:

Plan, Isometric, Section and Perspective plans


First task:

I did a freehand grid of 4 by 8 then, a rough isometric grid in pencil on the right side of the page.

On the grid we had to a plan and section of the view from the picture on the board in fineliner:

Plan and section


I learned how to draw freehand technical drawings which was strange as we had just learnt how to do them with a ruler and accurately where as this technique was more free. By learning this technique it gives us a skill of being able to do plan, section, isometric and perspective drawing on the spot without a ruler.





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