‘For Inspiration Only #2’ Lecture…

Lecture notes:

We watched John Cage’s 4’33” video at the start of the lecture which is linked in the bibliography.

4 minutes and 33 seconds video.

Dan Graham, Public Space/ Two Audiences, 1976

  • Performance American architect
  • Used glass and mirror which refracts and reflects in the exhibition space
  • The work is:
    • Surrealist
    • Deception
    • Minimal


  • Rooftop urban park project

Martha Schwartz, China

  • Master Designer’s garden plot 6
  • Maze
  • Feels like a zoo environment with glass enclosures

Gordon Matta- Clark

  •  Cuts wholes in buildings
  • Abandoned houses or warehouses

Richard Wilson

  • 20:50 installation, 1987
    • Oil reflects the ceiling
  • Turning the place over, Liverpool, 2007
    • Rotates every half an hour
    •  Derelict building

Daniel Libeskind

  • Jewish Museum, Berlin
  • Created a network
  • Three/ four stories high, nothing happens
  • Mental plates
  • Showing horror with material, colour and atmosphere

Peter Eisenman Architects

  • Berlin memorial, jews of Europe, 1998-2005
  • Working in scale

Revisited architects from theory lesson!

Advertising Studio, Holand, Kesselskramer

  • Sea side

Aberrant architecture

  • Tiny travelling theatre
  • London Waterloo Marke, tiny mobile performance venue
  • Multi- functional structure

Richard Rogers

  • Maggie’s centre for cancer patience
  • In all over Great Britain on all hospitals
  • Inspired by Maggie Keswick
  • Scandinavian theme

Phillip Valente

  • Umimold bloom
  • Emotion, sensor monitors light, sound and co2 concept rations environments

Geoff Shearcroft’s

  • ‘Grown your own’
  • Silkworm building the space
  • unconventional materials

John Cage

  • “Imaginary Landscape No. 4” for 12 Radios, 1951
  • Questions what music is
  • (Had a youtube video at the start of the lecture)

Marina Abramović e Ulay

  • MOMA, 2010 (youtube video we watched for 2 minutes)
  • Emotional
  • It has been 20 to 30 years of not seeing her ex

The lecturer went over a few things already that he had shown us in a previous lecture but I found the ideas behind most of the buildings interesting. The videos he showed us was a nice way to understand different aspects of design processes as well.



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