Fixing Workshop…

Learning how to fix the plastic, wood and metal together:

We did no practical work today but learned how to fix plastic, metal and wood together in different ways.

We learned how to use glue, screws(m4 size), nuts and bolts. You use wood glue to stick two pieces of wood together which takes 15-20 minutes to set. So you can put it in a vice or clamp to be left to dry. Once stuck you can easily clean up the glue afterwards on the wood.

The other glue is called two part set resin which takes 5 minutes to set so you do not have long before it dries. If you rough both edges that you are gluing they stick better together as there is more to grip. Unlike the wood glue you can not clean up the glue afterwards as it will just smudge on the material.

Two part set resin:

Aluminium stuck to Acrylic with two part set resin

When screwing you first need to drill a pilot hole beforehand as it could damage the wood you are using.

Then we looked at pop rivet technique which you use a riveting plyers which squeezes it down then pops off on the second squeeze.

Pop rivet:

Pop rivet

Glue dowel wood:

Finally we were shown how to glue dowel wood which was really simple, just drill holes which you fill with wood glue then insert the dowel.

Dowel wood







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