Wood Workshop

Learning how to use wood tools:

We were given three different types of wood to work with such as the one on the left is MDF, the right one is Plywood and the standing up one is hardwood :

Different wood types

Then I used a ruler and a curved object to draw lines onto the MDF and plywood:

Marked wood

Ban saw:

I went over to the Ban saw which was different from the last one we used as it has bigger teeth.

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In that area we had to wear earplugs for safety reasons. When doing the curved edge we had to do a series of straight edge cuts as you can not cut curves on the Band Saw.

Buffer machine:

Once I have cut the wood I went over to the buffer machine to get the edges smooth:

This is the wood close up after I have cut and smoothed the edges a bit:

Wood pieces

I sanded the edges with normal sandpaper to get smooth surfaces and prevent the risk of splinters.

Drill machine:

I used the drill machine next, I had to use a G clamp to secure the wood so it did not move when the drill was on. I used different size drills and how far into the wood I wanted to go:

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Here is the end result of the drill effect on the wood after I sanded down the edges:

Drilled wood

I drilled the edge of the wood to get this effect below:

Drilled wood







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