What is Colour?

Theory Notes:

  • Technical in Interior Design
  • Below in the picture is a diagram demonstrating the types of colour such as primary colours e.g. yellow, red and blue
  • Colours create different moods

Words describing colours:

  • Hue is a fancy word for saying colour
  • Saturation is how pure/intense the colour is
  • Tonal value is how black or white the colour is

Complementary colour added to saturate a colour

Mark Rothko!

Henri Matisse:

  • The snail
  • Fauvism art movement he was part of
  • Uses saturated colours, separates them with black and white

Complimentary colours are blue and orange, red and green, yellow and purple and grey.

Balanced look when on a black background.

RAL & Dulex colours!

Colour wheel:

We were asked to bring either watercolours or acrylic paint to the session to do a colour wheel as shown in the photo below:

Colour wheel

 FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste) Presentation:

  • The Villa, Heerlijkheid Park
    • Is a community building
    • Fake plug on
    • Super imposed
  • Blue House in Hackney, London
    • Childlike drawing of house
    • Simple, tonal colours
  • Will Alsop, Library
    • Abstract paintings influence work
    • Queen Mary and Westfield College, London
    • Canada
    • Manchester
    • Uses different materials for models
  • Luis Barragan
    • Mexican architect
    • Ranch, 1968
    • Chapel of the capuchinas
    • Casa Baragin, Mexico
  • Tadao Ando
    • Chinese architect
    • Water temple
    • Red is important as it represents luck
  • Bernard Tschumi, Architect
    • Always uses red
    • Some shops, buildings, add ones
  • James Turrell
    • Uses light in work and colour
    • Afurm, Paris, Blue
    • Bridgets Bardo
    • Virtuality Squared, 2014


Had to create a mood board influenced by one of the architects from the theory lesson or FAT presentation, here is my board:



I did not really learn anything new as I knew a lot of the architects and artists listed in the slideshows and I have done colour wheels before. Although it was interesting to see different architects take on spaces and buildings that I have never heard of.




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