‘Walls, Geometry & Ideas’ Lecture…

Lecture notes:


  • Notre Dame Cathedral for cover
    Notre Dame Cathedral

    Book cover art
  • Villa Capra “La Rotunda”
    • Looks like Bauhaus

Modernism art movement was around when Colin Rowe was making!

  • War: producing during war created simple buildings
    • developed many post war buildings
    • became influential
  • Particularly influenced with Isle of Wright building, 1955
    • The Modular by Le Corbusier influence
    • Simple built

      Corbusier’s Modular
  • Casa Poli
    • On the coast
    • All measurements similar and simple
    • Squares oppose on the second floor to the first

Consistency with white interior and rough exterior:

Thick walls:

  • Solid spaces at the bottom of the castle
  • Primary and secondary spaces
    Hedingham Castle, Essex plan view


  • He likes thick walls in architecture


  • Herdwick
  • First symmetrical building
  • Great Chamber
  • Designed so Queen would see it, she never did but just in case
  • Floors get bigger as you go up
  • Medieval building
  • Stroll around on the roof

*Galleries – long spaces to walk in*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • Adolf Loos is an Austrian architect
    • Not new ideas at the time
  • Grand Hall used to have a high ceiling until 19th century when they wanted to add three rooms
    Grand Hall

    Landscape artist 2015 building

Lecture handout:

We were given a handout during this lecture with most of the key dates and places on his slide show as shown below:


I found the lecture was more suited to the topic we were doing at the minute and it had some interesting features throughout such as the building on the coast. I loved seeing the photos of Casa Poli’s building on the coast as there are not many windows so you can see the water which must be really relaxing.



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