Kurecolor Homework…

Kurecolor tutorial:

I looked at a freehand tutorial by Peili Wang such as this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFqI6YIBMGo

I found it very interesting and made me think about rendering differently.


I completed the first interior space we were asked to render in the lesson. The materials I used are pencil, soft pastels, Kurecolor and pencil crayons to get the effects I wanted as shown below:

First interior rendering

I tried all the grey palette and tested the colours in my Kurecolor set:

Grey colour testers

Kurecolor practice:

I then did my second version of the first space but used a range of rendering techniques and materials, here is my example:

Second rendering development

On this rendering I used Kurecolor, soft pastels, pencil and pencil crayon techniques to achieve the marks shown below:

Second rendering finished

Full image render with Kurecolors:

Finally we were asked to render ‘Baronial Hall’

Baronial Hall image

I used materials such as a white pencil, Kurecolor and pencil crayons to get this effect.

Here is my attempt of rendering the image above:

Rendering of Baronial Hall
Rendering of Baronial Hall




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