Metal Workshop…

Learning how to use metal tools:

We learned how to cut, bend and blast aluminium in the workshop today.

Cutting aluminium:

First we had to cut the metal into two lines this time so I used a scribe to draw the lines with as a pen would not work this time.

I used a guillotine thread to cut the metal although I found it hard to use at first as I did not put enough pressure on the lever so the cut went wobbly.

Here is the aluminium cut:

Aluminium cut into three pieces

After cutting I sanded the edges with the wet and dry stuff as the material is not very thick and works well on that sort of sandpaper.

Blast aluminium:

I masking taped a piece of aluminium to use in the Grit blaster which is similar to sandblaster but just a different material:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bend aluminium:

I used the roller machines to add curves to my piece to try a different technique on the aluminium.

Here is my try I got it stuck in machine before hand so had to have help to understand how to work the machine:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fold aluminium:

Finally I used the Pan/Box folder to fold the aluminium with straight lines as shown in the pictures below:

Box folded metal
Box folded metal




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