Plastic Acrylic Workshop…

Learning to use machines:

We learned how to use the Band saw, Line Bender, Buffer wheel and Vacuum former machines in today’s session.

Band Saw:

First I cut out a piece of acrylic in any single line on my piece with the band saw:

Me using the Band Saw


I then sanded that down with a chisel in a vice first to do the rough edges then used sand paper (wet and dry) to smooth the edges.

Buffer Wheel:

Next step was to use the Buffer machine, first I used the right side and put a bit of wax on the edge of the plastic:

I went to the left part of the machine next to buff and polish the edge:

Vacuum former machine:

As a group we vacuum formed a with circle moulds pieces to put into the machine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As shown in the slide show above we put the wooden moulds in the machine, then we placed the plastic on the machine and secured that down. Pull the heater over it a few times like 30 seconds or until your fingerprint springs back on the heated plastic. Pull the moulds tray up with the lever on the side of the machine. Press the vacuum button and leave for a few minutes after it is done to be sure to release the moulds a little pull the mould tray down with a stick on the front of the machine. Take the plastic out and try to take out the moulds without snapping the sheet.

Line Bender:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I placed my acrylic on the metal lines to apply heat to the area I want to bend. Keep checking it every so often, once it can be bend freely take it off the machine and either use the line bender to get a straight edge or hold with hands till cooled down.



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