Schematic Model…

Making process:

We had a handout to help use construct this model at 1:50 scale.

When cutting, cut four times in a row to make sure it goes all the way through and when doing this overhang the cut lines to get straight edges.

Another tip was to spread the glue and do not stick it down when wet as it will take longer to dry so let it dry a little first.

Photos show the making process of the room:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After building the structure of the model we had to add a few different styled chairs to the model.

Here is chair 1:

handout (1).JPG
Step 9 on the handout
chair 1.JPG
Chair number one

Here is chair two:

handout (2).JPG
Step 10 on the handout


Here is chair three:

handout (3).JPG
Step 11 on the handout

Here is chair 4:

handout (4).JPG
Step 12 on the handout

Making scale people:

The last task was to make two people to put into my model to give scale to the piece, here are my people in my model:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I really struggled with this task as I never got the measurements right so things were not straight. I will need to improve this skill as I know I will need to make future models to scale to show clients. Plus I did not score the chairs right on some of them so that is why they do not look that great along the edges.



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