Ranbir’s Lecture…

Lecture Notes:

  • Human interacting, mental health, black background drawing with white pencil mark- analytical drawing series.
  • Show the population in site map with city (populated), diverse area (different languages)
  • Metaphors  in his drawings
  • Showed over different areas
  • Abstract that developed into a refine idea

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  1.  Design Access statement (idea)
  2. Describe place (location)
  3. Highlight the site
  4. Photographs of existing site
  5. Enlarge the site image
  6. Model of the site
  7. Existing housing around the area
  8. Private and public area on the land
  9. Concept board: materials and techniques
  10. Drawing of the plan
  11. Diagram of material so you can get the right amountdsc_0358
  • Boardmark concrete
  • All materials would have to fit within that zone of the beam
  • How to bring work into live work and the access. Bring materials into the site
  • By drawing 1:1, helps you understand the scale
  • Think about how long materials last


I found what Ranbir was talking about really interesting and seeing the tutors thought process for live projects that he has done previously. We got to see his work that he is producing now as well as work he did when he was studying. I loved the idea behind the mental health centre as his ideas were unique and different and you would not of thought of them immediately.



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