Concept board…

In the lesson we started to do our concept board which we then have to finish for homework. Our first task was to decide a key word out of the list on the hand out and I chose Geometric and Contemporary for my driver for my board. I did a mind map of the key words first:


Contemporary/Geometric mindmap

Then I did a little materials mind map as well:


Mind map

I researched some key images to help with inspiration from the websites listed on the slideshow such as Dezeen, Coolhunting, Coolhunter and Design Boom. Here are the pictures I have decided on:

I experienced with a piece of paper which gave me an idea by folding an A3 corners into triangles and repeating that on all sides. However I did not like this piece at this point in the process so I got rid of it, even though it influenced one of my models later on.


Sketchmodel experiment

Also this book gave me some ideas on how to fold paper in geometric shapes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I produced two sketchmodels from the inspiration above having geometric shapes in mind when producing them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I choose the image on the left to do a sketchvisual with and made it into a garden centre:

I got all my photos and pieces ready to compile onto my A3 board. I got my mini sketchmodel on the piece, a colour palette along the side, a piece of art called toletsigns2016, 2016 by Phyllida Barlow. Also I used font from word which was Castellar at 28 size font, photograph of my sketchmodel,sketchvisual and of a material.


concept board (1).JPG

Finished concept board


This is a professional way to show your ideas to your clients in a quick, easy way. It handy technique to use to get as many ideas and materials down as possible. I enjoyed the process of this piece and how it all colour co-ordinates on the board.





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