What is Feedback?

Self Assessment:

We had to do a self-assessment of how we thought our blog has gone so far and this is what I thought:

theory lesspn.JPG
Self assessment form

Peer Feedback:

Then in groups we did peer assessments where we looked at other peoples blogs and discussed what we thought went well and what could be improved.

I wrote down what other people told me about my blog as shown in the photo below:

Peer assessment

Staff feedback:

The staff assessment outcome was positive as they gave my work a mid 2:2 at the minute with how my blog is going so far. They liked the slideshows on the posts and how I added little descriptions after each image.

I got told to change the colour of the background of my blog and to add tabs to my blog to access my posts easier. I needed to add summaries to my posts as it was not hitting a criteria on the project without them.






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