‘For Inspiration Only’ Lecture…


  • Walking cities
  • Plug in (like lego)
  • Instant cities

Cedric Price (Architect):

  • Interaction Building, 1976
  • Fun Palace, 1991

Sou Fujimoto:

  • Final wooden house, Jenga
  • Scaffolding House, Milan, 2016 “only light” to create spaces

Diller & Scofidio:

  • The Blue Building, can not see as they use water to make it look like mist
  • “The Art Of Scent”, 1889-2012, smells of perfumes and shows experience

The Cineroleum won the turner prize last year. The Grandby Workshop in Liverpool. By Assemble architects that converted an disused petrol station into a pop up cinema.

Modular structures:

Buildings that can be dismantled or mid air in airports.

Part furniture/ part architecture:

  • Sauna into cupboard
  • Lucy Orca is a fashion designer who designs refugee wear
  • Suitcase building

Steven Hall:

  • Gallery space that changes every week

Shigeru Ban:

  • He won a prize for making shelter when a disaster has happened
  • Used crates and poles like flat packs

 BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group:

  •  2016 serpentine

OMA Designs Prada and it creates different spaces when you look at it in different angles

Asif Kahn, Cloud, 2011:

  • Temporary shelter

Bernard Khoury – evolving scars:

  • War and left one building, glass around it and wrecking ball inside
  • Like a confession box (recorded)
  • Smashed building, dust of memories
  • Artistic


What is a creative space?

  • Public, private


  • An architect who designed roof house
  • Roof main living area

Vo Trong Nghia Architects:

  • Green building, garden on top
  • Bamboo columns on concrete

Low cost housing:

  • Slum people
  • Half house
  • When had money filled in the gaps


I did not see how it related to our project at the minute but some of the images and work was inspiration and I thought were interesting. He did mention about creative space and how it varies from public to private space which we touched on with out pervious theory lesson. Some of the ideas of the architects were really creative and I liked the idea behind most of the pieces such as Bernard Khoury’s Evolving Scars work.



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