Response Sketchmodel & Sketch Visual…

Ideas for sketchmodels and sketch visuals:

We had to produce a sketch model and sketch visual and my topic is a perfume shop. I looked online for inspiration and I drew a mind map in my sketchbook of the ideas I came up with:

Mind map

I did a few drawings as well to give me ideas for shapes to do my model as shown in the picture below:

drawing ideas page.JPG
Drawing ideas

Sketchmodel experiments:

I experimented with a few ideas in the lesson with paper but nothing really worked so I had a little break and going to try again. I added  some scale people to my models to give perspective and scale to the model:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Idea development:

Eventually I got an idea for my sketchmodel, I used a few of my ideas previous and combined them together as shown below on the drawing and photo:

Final sketchmodel:

I used the idea from the photos above and created my sketch model as shown below:

perfume inspired model (8).JPG
Sketch model in full view

Series of camera photos of my sketchmodel:

I took a series of photos from different angles but mainly eye level for my sketch visual purposes. On a few of the images I added light from my phone and lamp lights to show shadows within the model. I tried flash on some photos to see how they would turn out and night mode of my camera settings.

Here are my photos below in the slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Phone photos of sketchmodel:

I took some photos on my phone as well as my camera at eye level so the camera was level with the worktop. This is how they turned out:

Chosen sketchmodel for sketch visual:

I chose this photo as I liked the lighting on the model plus the bends and curves worked well to make a space.


Chosen model for sketch visual

Sketch visual:

My space is going to be a rescue centre with a shop that displays the items you can buy for the animals you rescue.

I have added a few animals on the image to show what range of animals are in the centre as shown below:

A rescue centre and shop sketch visual


This process I went through is how interior designers have to think of when given a subject to produce a space with. I enjoyed the whole process of how a simple subject can turn into a model and then become a space. By model making the idea it further abstracts the idea once you start using other techniques which can help develop your work.



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