Sections lesson and self directed work…

The first exercise we did was draw a mug in plan view, as an elevation and section at 1:100 scale. Here are my scale drawings on each one:



Plan, elevation and section of a mug


The second exercise was to draw the image on the hand out in plan view first to get used to drawing the shapes at 1:50 scale.DSC_0306.JPGThen we had to draw two sections of the image at 1:50 scale and I have a photo of the sections I have chosen from the sheet:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


After learning about using sections in the lesson we had to put that to practice and draw a section of a space. We were given measurements for the room and we had to do it at 1:50 scale. Here is my attempt at the homework:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


By learning to draw sections I can show on my plans objects you can’t normally see on plans such as stairs and lifts as they aren’t sliced to show them. Also it can show the view from different angles as well so you get a clearer image of the space.



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