Rendering Plan Drawings…

Drawing scaled plans free hand:

As I already have the measurements for my room from a previous self directed piece, I used the measurement to draw it in a scale of 1:20 this time freehand. We had to include all the furniture in our rooms as well in this plan.

I did one in pencil first then traced it and did that other in fineliner freehand:

Pencil plan drawing
Tracing paper plan drawing
Fineliner plan drawing

Rendering Scaled Plans:

I had to render my plan with different techniques on how I applied the materials to the piece. I tried to show the variety of materials in my room with the way I rendered them. On the furniture we had to cast shadows onto the surfaces they are on and the floor or wall they cast shadows on each piece.

First Rendering:

On my first rendering piece I used coloured pencils and an eraser to show the variety of materials in the room as shown on the photo:

Coloured pencil rendering
Close up of rendering

Second Rendering:

I used a variety of techniques such as Kurecolor, biro and soft pastels on my second attempt. This one was not as successful as the previous one as I have not learned to use Kurecolor and it makes the piece look messy.

Here is my second attempt:

rendering 2.JPG
Mixed media rendering

I also rendered a kettle we were asked to do in the lesson:



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