Rendering plan drawings…

As I already have the measurements for my room from a previous self directed piece, I used the measurement to draw it in a scale of 1:20 this time freehand. We had to include all the furniture in our rooms as well in this plan. I did one in pencil first then traced it and did that other in fineliner freehand.

I had to render both plans with different techniques on how I applied the materials to the piece. I tried to show the variety of materials in my room with the way I rendered them. On the furniture we had to cast shadows onto the surfaces they are on and the floor or wall they cast shadows on each piece.

On my first rendering piece I used coloured pencils and an eraser to show the variety of materials in the room as shown on the photo:

On the second rendering I used a variety of techniques such as Kurecolor, biro and soft pastels. This one was not as successful as the previous one as I have not learned to use Kurecolor and it makes the piece look messy. Here is my second attempt:


rendering 2.JPG

Mixed media rendering

I also rendered a kettle we were asked to do in the lesson:



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