Coloured pencil tonal drawing lesson…

Tonal drawing:

We mainly used pencil and coloured pencils during this lesson to learn to add tone and practice how to apply it to objects.

drawing lesson.JPG
Drawing exercise

First Task:

First we did was the four tonal boxes on the left of the photo.

The top box we had to shade using a normal pencil with cross hatching method to get an even tone.

Then we did a variation of tone by pressing hard on the pencil and slowly applying less pressure to show the tonal range on the next box.

We did the same exercise in the last two boxes but with a coloured pencil this time which in my opinion did not work as well as the pencil. I added pencil on top of the third box to show the difference of two tones of hue. With an eraser or white pilot super colour pen I added white lines to show texture or the finish of a surface.

Second Task:

We put the tonal techniques into practice we just learned in a 3D box drawing and drew a water drop to practice creating curved tonal variation.

Third Task:

I used purple to show the tones on the object at the top of the page with mid tones, light and dark.

Fourth Task:

We had a go at doing some pink curved shapes and shaded up to the middle to show the white highlight. I used fineliner to suggest the curves of the shape and black felt tip to show the shadow of the shape. I did a blue example as well to try a different technique of showing the light on the shape. In the far right corner I drew a concave top shape, like the tutor drew it on the board and I worked out where the tone goes on the top of the shape as the shadows reversed.

Final Task:

Finally I attempted to add tone to a piece of furniture I did in plan view to practice ahead of the self-directed work with pencil and shadow.


During this lesson we applied shadows to objects and we did light and dark with coloured pencil which will be helpful when drawing plan versions of an interior with furniture. Also you can use this on any furniture you draw and the shadow it casts.




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