Sketch visuals…

The first exercise we did was draw stylised people to make sure they don’t look childish in our work. We tried a few different styles to see what best suited each person. Here are my examples:

stylised people.JPG

Stylised people

After this we then were asked to produce interiors with the photos of models we were given to create new spaces within them. First I did an art gallery which I used tracing paper overlay with fineliner and tissue paper. Here is my example:


An art gallery sketch visual

Next I did the bar and used tissue paper, pencil crayons and fineliner:


A bar sketch visual

The I did the hotel reception which I used Kurecolor, pencil crayons and fineliner:


A hotel reception sketch visual

Finally I did retail of my choice which I decided to do a bookshop and I used felt tip, pencil crayon and fineliner:



A retail sketch visual



I got to be creative with this task and use my brain to create spaces within shapes presented before me. They also help you visual forms, shapes and structures within the interior space as you start to build things in when you draw them.





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