Elevation lesson…

After the slideshow the first task we were asked to do was an elevation and extended elevation of six tetris blocks on a hand out we were given. We did this to scale with the each block 1m by 1m.



Tetris blocks exercise


Then on the elevation indication plan we were asked to draw elevation c at a scale of 1:50 on the scale ruler. I had to do my plan on a different material paper as it worked better that way. Here is my drawing:





We were then put into groups and had to decide on a space to do our elevation or extended elevation. We chose this space pictured below:



Original photo


We all did a quick sketch with the measurements on while two people measured with a tape measurer to take back to the studio.



Rough sketch of measurements


I drew the extended elevation at 1:20 on A3 and then added furniture and a person to my plan.


I improved my knowledge on elevations this lesson which is a key skill as you need to be able to draw these to show the client what the walls will look like. Plus it shows the furniture and style of doors better.



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