Perspective drawing lesson…

I found this lesson very challenging as I struggled a bit with perspective drawings. First we were asked to draw a paint tube in perspective and if done correctly there would be a right angle as shown in the bottom left hand corner of the A3 page. Then we had to practice doing freehand squares as accurately as we could without a ruler.


number 1.jpg

Perspective practice


Finally on the right of the page we did a group one point perspective separately in our books which had a train platform with rails, telephone poles and a platform with people on it. Then underneath that we had to draw people in a quick way for future reference.


number 2.JPG

Perspective in practice


Then on the next page we did a single point perspective drawing with lines coming off from a dot and made 3D squares and rectangles with them as shown on the photo:


number 3.jpg

Perspective boxes


We have to complete this for our next lesson.


Even though I found this lesson challenging I got to have practice on perspective. It is an important part in this course as in scale drawings you will need to think about the perspective of your furniture in a room



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  1. Is there any way of moving your post to the tabs at the top? I clicked on the tabs first and presumed you hadn’t posted any blogs about your work and progress… It’s a good job i clicked on archive down the side, as i was pleasantly surprised!


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