My attempt at Sketchmodels…

The self directed work was to produce 6 equal shaped models that reproduce, interpret or respond to patterns, objects, paintings or videos. I google searched a few in the list to give me ideas and printed them off. My first idea that came to mind was pattern and I liked the idea of the simple micky mouse ears so I looked for a pattern of them such as the photo below:



Mickey Mouse pattern


Here is my reproduced model with this image on the cardboard.

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Then I thought about what I like personally and nature came into my mind and seeing as it is autumn I thought I would use autumn leaves:



Autumn leaves


Here is my interpreted model inspired from the photo above:

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My next model was based on a film/book that I love and the symbols came from that.



Divergent faction symbols


Here is my interpretation/reproduced version of the picture above:

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I did a object from a well known TV programme and responded and interpreted it the way it made me feel and imagine from a video I found on YouTube.




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One of the example models on the lessons slideshow stood out to me and I liked the technique however I knew I would not be able to recreate it so I tried a different route. This is what the model was based on this photo below:

Floral wallpaper


I cut strips of each colour paper and did an abstract plait design and stuck it together then placed a button on top. I responded to the above photo with paper as shown below in the slideshow.

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Last model I went for a standard geometric pattern as I love them in designs and on wallpaper.



Geometric shapes


Here is my interpretation of this pattern:

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