Technical Drawing Practice…


First we watched a slide show presentation to help us understand more about the subject: technical drawings.

Group Practice:

We did lines at particular lengths at different scales to see the difference with both a scale ruler and freehand.

As a group we worked out how big the table was which was 1200mm(12m).

We had to draw yourself where we were sitting in a scale drawing as much as you could include in front of you and your seat as shown below:

Experimenting task

Drawing task:

To get used to doing technical drawings, we had to do a scaled plan drawing of a room at 1:50 on A3 paper.

We had a hand out with the measurements on it and had to draw that and go around it in fineliner afterwards as shown below:


During this lesson I learned about how to use a scale ruler and produce a plan drawing of a room to scale from measurements.





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