Scale drawing of my uni room went well..sort of…

We were given some self directed work to do after our first technical drawing lesson which was to do a scaled plan of our bedrooms. I chose to do my scale at 1:50 as my room is big. First I went around my room with my steel tape measure and wrote down all the measurements in my notebook as shown below.



Rough sketch


I converted mm to metres to get the measurement I want to start my scale drawing which are written in the blue pen.



Another rough sketch with more measurements on


I started to do my plan and did it with my scale ruler at 1:50 and used a mechanical pencil to get the lines as accurate as possible. I added some of the furniture in my room as well to the model.



Pencil sketch


Once I had finished I went around my plan with fine liner in different thicknesses such as 0.3 and 0.8. I added measurements to my plan to help others get an understanding of the sizes. I labelled a few pieces of furniture to help the viewer work out what they are.



Finished version with measurements added




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