Drawing Induction…

Brief presentation:

We were asked to bring an A3 layout pad to do some practical work during the lesson. The tutor had a presentation slide show with images of the sort of tasks we would be doing throughout the session and he did a few examples on the board.

First Task:

We started of by drawing a couple of spheres to get used to drawing them accurately.

Then we were asked to add lines and random shapes that could be straight or curvy.

Then we had to enhance the drawings, by making one of the shapes 3D and adding shadows and mark making to the shape. On that same shape we had to draw a cut out section to show that the shape was hollow.

We practiced in the corner with a little diagram to help us understand the perspective of doing 3D shapes:

First drawing task

Second Task:

Following the previous task, we were asked to do eight lines or shapes on the page. This time using different materials, we went round the table we were sat at and worked onto different peoples work.

The materials that were used on my work include felt tip, biro, coloured pencil, pencil and fineliner:

Drawing task two

Third task:

Again we were asked to do eight lines or shapes on the page similar to the previous task. I started with soft pastels on my work, then passed my book to the next person to add enhancements to my marks I have just produced.

The materials used this time were soft pastels, biro and pencil:

Drawing task three


We were asked to practice drawing freehand so I went to a Marmadukes Cafe Deli and sat and drew the photo, once home I added watercolour:

I drew with fineliner freehand my University building I study at as shown below:

Freehand again I drew a few elements I liked from my back garden back at home:

Freehand drawing of my garden


I learned about how to draw spheres and improve my drawing skills which are vital for my course such as in scale drawings.



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