Drawing homework task…

I was asked to embellish and enhance my work from the lesson in a way I want pursue the piece. My first piece I added a few more different materials such as watercolours, felt tip and highlighter.

hw 1.JPG

Improved version


I added some thicker lines with both black and colour to add more colour to the page. The purple stood out to me as it contrasts the colours already on the work.


hw 2.JPG

Improved version


I added pattern to one of the shapes and outlined lines in a thicker pen to stand out more on the piece. I added tone onto the 3D cylinder lid to show the direction of the light and to add colour to the shape. I used a highlighter to enhance the outline of a box that already existed on the piece.

hw 3.JPG

Improved version

My second piece I enhanced a few more bits onto this piece of work with a new material which was watercolour.


hw 4.JPG

Improved version


On the left hand side I added a spotted pattern in that section with yellow watercolour and highlighted some lines to stand out on the sheet and to add a variety of colour.



Improved version


I made a 2D square 3D and shaded the dimensions to show the difference. Plus I highlighted a few more lines on the page which I thought looked interesting.


hw 6.JPG

Improved version





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