Final adjustments and presentation of project…

After the criticism we got Tuesday we wanted to improve our model we had made to make it more effective. We started off by layering our tracing paper layers in the model so we photocopied the drawing to a smaller size. This is how it turned out:


All the drawings in one photo


While we were photocopying the drawings we had a few technical issues, however one of the prints that came out double sided actually looked really effective as shown below:



Traced overlay


Once again we cut holes in the windows on the buildings and this time we added coloured outlines around the buildings.



Outlined in colour


As other people in the group were doing that, I had a go at going back to the abstract shapes and tried a few of my own. I added soft pastels to my designs to see how they would work out. The light didn’t really shine though them that well when I experimented with it.

We made a black circle for the middle as from experimenting Tuesday we found out the shadows looked better on that colour. Here are some pictures of the multi layered designs together before we used lights to manipulate it:

I photographed our model with a black lid on top to see how it would look however, it was unsuccessful, as the shadows didn’t show up as well and you wouldn’t be able to see inside the model to see those shadows.



Black lid model


This photo shows the light source we used to put in the centre of the model, we mainly used this source but occasionally used our phones.



Light inside model



Here are the photos I took on my mobile phone, the long distant shadow worked really well on this photo as it showed the distance from the model up the wall. The other is a close up to show the multi layering a bit more.

I got some more photos of the original model on it’s own in the photography studio.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we took a series of photos of the coloured tracing paper version.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally we combined the layers together for a few photos to see the outcomes of the different shadows together. The middle layer seemed to block some of the light on certain windows areas. It did add more colour to the model which it was lacking earlier on in the project.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the group we decided which were our favourites and we opened Photoshop to crop and edit a few of the photographs.

As it was our deadline for this little project, we had to present our work to the rest of the group. We printed off the five photos above to show to the class. As a group we presented the work by explaining the model and drawing in turns. Overall I enjoyed the project however it was a big wake up cool for me about how projects are going to be. One of the team members didn’t participate very much which made it hard for the rest of the team but we got them to be a little more involved towards the end of the project. Next time I would prefer to do it individually as I had loads of ideas till they got sucked away when I was put in a group.


I learned that even when you think your model/project is done and you can’t improve it there is always a way to improve your work. Through this brief project you can get ideas for a topic from the simplest thing which can then be developed to look nothing like your original idea.




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